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The Epiphany

Whether you’re in Palo Alto to meet with your board, attend your ten-year reunion, or launch your next start-up, we’ve got you covered. Recharge and stay wired. Visit to learn more.

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Our restaurant is in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, surrounded by the hottest VC firms and fastest-growing companies and close to Stanford University.

Our simple, sophisticated building and casual fine dining space was designed by neighboring McCartan and our rooftop suites offer unparalleled views of Palo Alto and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

About Our Food


Lure + Till is inspired by discovery—discovering the wealth of the Peninsula’s fields, forests, and waterways, of its craft brewers and its coffee roasters. Partnering with local farmers and foragers and fishermen, Chef Jason Morales explores the region’s flavors with a tightly edited dining menu that’s constantly evolving. Think of it as the go-to restaurant for the modern pioneer.